7 km or 21 km

XTERRA 2017 Kraków – Poland (12 August 2017)


Running competition


  1. To promote the city of Kraków
  2. To promote running as a form of active and healthy lifestyle


  1. The Competition is organised by Stowarzyszenie Sport Bez Barier, ul. Promowa 10, 30-398 Kraków, Poland oraz Poland Sport Promotion Spółka z o.o., ul. Czarnowiejska 6, 31-126 Kraków.
  2. Stowarzyszenie Sport Bez Barier, ul. Promowa 10, 30-398 Kraków, Poland, is the data controller in relation to the data processed in connection with the running competition during XTERRA Poland 2017 within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 2016, item 922).
  3. The provision of personal data is voluntary but necessary to participate in the Competition. Persons who provided their personal data have the right to access and correct their data and to revoke their consent to data processing at any time. The Organiser may process personal data in connection with the organisation of the Competition and XTERRA Poland 2017 also in collaboration with other parties to the extent necessary to organise XTERRA Poland 2017.
  4. The competitor’s personal data may be transferred to parties cooperating with the Data Controller in connection with the Competition and XTERRA Poland 2017 and related campaigns under entrustment contracts in accordance with Article 31 of the Personal Data Processing Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 2016, item 922).



  1. Polish Triathlon Union
  2. President of the City of Kraków
  3. Ministry of Sports and Tourism



  1. Wojciech Mazurkiewicz
  2. Marcin Błaszczyk



The schedule provided below is indicative and may be subject to change. Changes, if any, will be communicated on the official website (www.xterrapoland.pl) and in the news section of the XTERRA Poland fanpage.

Friday, 11 August 2017

4 p.m. – 7 p.m. – race office opens (race pack pick-up)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

The time schedule will be communicated shortly



  1. START, FINISH, the Race Office and the Expo zone will be located at Wyłom Street, Kraków. The exact location (with an indication on the map) of START, FINISH, the Race Office and the Expo zone, as well as routes will be presented on the XTERRA Poland website and fanpage.
  2. Dystances:
    1. long distance – approx. 21 km (three loops)
    2. short distance – approx. 7 m (one loop)

Paved roads and hard-surfaced forest roads, trails.

GPS measured course.



  1. You may register online at http://xterrapoland.pl/.
  2. Online registrations will close on 10 August 2017. On 11–13 August 2017, you may only register at the Race Office within its opening hours.
  3. A total limit of 650 race kits applies to short and long distances. Competitors will be accepted in the order in which they register and pay the fee. The day of payment is the date the money is credited to the Organiser’s account or paid at the Race Office. The race kit is guaranteed to those who register and pay the fee before the limit of 650 race kits is reached. No registration will be possible after the limit is reached. Competitors who register at the Race Office are not guaranteed to receive the complete race kit (this does not apply to items necessary to participate in the Competition, such as a race number, a timing chip).
  4. No registration fees apply to disabled persons (a certificate of disability is required) and to persons exempted from the fee by the Organiser.
  5. The Organiser will verify eligibility for exemption from the registration free at the time of collection of a race kit at the Race Office
  6. Entry fees are not refundable in the cases referred to in point 13 below or if the race is cancelled through the fault of the Organiser or payment is made after the time limit or the limit referred to above is reached.
  7. The amount of the fee depends on when the payment is made, as specified below.
  8. Entry fees (applicable to both distances):

50 PLN – by 30 April 2017

70 PLN – from 1 May 2017 to 30 June 2017

85 PLN – from 1 July 2017 till Start Day

  1. The entry fee is payable upon registration. Payments are made via the automatic system available on our website.
  2. In the case of registration at the Race Office, the fee will be payable in cash in PLN or EUR (please bring the exact sum, otherwise you risk that your payment will not be accepted).
  3. Cancellations should be submitted in writing to info@xterrapoland.pl.
  4. The refund of the registration fee will depend on when the cancellation is submitted:
    1. 50% refund applies to cancellations submitted up to 4 months before the Competition (i.e. by 13 May 2017, inclusively),
    2. 25% refund applies to cancellations submitted up to 1 month before the Competition (i.e. by 13 July 2017, inclusively),
    3. no refund applies if the cancellation is submitted within a month before the Competition (i.e. after 13 July 2017).
  5. The operator of the registration panel, i.e. STS-2 s.c. T.Kurkowski i M., is responsible for refunds and complaints, if any, related to online and credit card payments.
  6. The registration fee comprises:
    1. a race kit (a race number, a returnable timing chip, a deposit bag, a finisher’s T-shirt),
    2. a finisher’s medal,
    3. a post-race meal.
  7. A cancellation insurance policy can be purchased at the time of registration. This is a cover against loss of registration fees in specific circumstances.
  8. If you register also for crosstriathlon (long or short distance) which is due to take place on 13 August 2017 (Sunday), you will be eligible to a 30% discount on the registration fee for the Competition.



  1. The event is open to everybody.
  2. To participate in the Competition, competitors must be 15 years of age by 13 August 2017 and fulfil the criteria listed below.
  3. A person who is not 18 years of age may participate if he/she is registered by his/her parent/legal guardian via the website or at the Race Office and subject to a written consent of his/her parent/legal guardian to his/her participation in the competition. The consent must be shown at the Race Office at the time of collection of the race kit. A race kit for an underage competitor may only be collected by his/her parent/legal guardian upon presentation of an identity document. The parent/guardian consent form is enclosed as Annex 3 to the Rules of Competition and can be downloaded from the website. You are advised to download and fill out the form and submit it at the Race Office. Underage competitors are not allowed to register or collect a race kit on their own. Parents or legal guardians who register an underage person take over responsibility for his/her participation in the race.
  4. Only the competitors registered in accordance with the Rules of Competition will be allowed to participate in XTERRA Poland 2017 long and short distance races.
  5. To participate in the race, you have to:
    1. fill out the registration form in order to register in accordance with the Rules of Competition;
    2. pay the registration fee in the amount and at the date stipulated in the Rules of Competition;
    3. give your consent to:
  • the processing of your personal data for the purposes of the Competition;
  • free use of your image on photographs and video recordings in printed and electronic materials related to XTERRA Poland 2017, including but not limited to websites and photo galleries.

The consent form can be viewed in Annex 1 to the Rules of Competition and will be available for your signature when you come to the Race Office to collect your race kit.

  1. You will be asked to show an identity document at the Race Office in order to collect your race kit and race numbers.
  2. Another person may collect your race kit and race numbers on your behalf if he/she shows an identity document (with a photo) at the Race Office, as well as your written authorisation to collect your race kit and his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of the Competition. The statement form containing your authorisation and the person’s consent is enclosed as Annex No 2 to the Rules of Competition and can be downloaded from the website.
  3. By registering, you agree to participate in the Competition in accordance with the present Rules of Competition.
  4. By registering, you acknowledge that you participate in the Competition at your own risk and responsibility, taking into accounts risks associated with the nature and distance of the race, which may involve risks to your health or life. To participate in the Competition, you should be in good health and free from any conditions which make it inadvisable for you to participate in a sports competition.
  5. Competitors are required to follow the rules of public order and stewards’ instructions and to show respect to other competitors. Persons who violate the rules of public order, interfere with the course of the competition or breach the Rules of Competition, the regulations of the Polish Triathlon Union or the rules of XTERRA World Tour may be removed by the Organiser from the venue of the event. Competitors acknowledge and agree that the Organiser has the right to exclude any competitor from the race if he/she does not comply with the present Rules of Competition or instructions of the Organiser’s staff during the Competition.
  6. Competitors may deposit their personal belongings bags, which they must label with the race number received with their race kit. The deposit is not intended for storage of valuables or items that may be damaged unless handled with extra care. Items left in the deposit will be kept in plastic bags within the START–FINISH zone and may be collected on presentation of the competitor’s race number. If you lose your race number, the Organiser will not be liable if your belongings are collected by another person.
  7. The Organiser is not liable for damage, if any, caused by competitors as a result of their participation in the Competition.



  1. Open Women
  2. Open Men
  3. Age categories:

W/M – 15-18

W/M – 19-29

W/M – 30-39

W/M – 40-49

W/M – 50-59

W/M – 60+

  1. Age categories may be merged when there are less than three entries in any category so that there are a minimum of three competitors per category.



  1. The first three women and men in the OPEN category, as well as the first three women and men in each of the age categories, will receive in-kind awards.
  2. The first three women and men in the OPEN category may also receive cash awards depending on the financial resources raised by the Organiser.
  3. Every athlete who finishes the race within the time limit will receive a medal.
  4. Prizes may be collected only during the presentation ceremony.



  1. The run course will be on plots of land which are not roads within the meaning of the Act on public roads. The course is off-road and comprises difficult technical stretches.
  2. Race times will be recorded at check-points (if any).
  3. Competitors may walk and stop while running.
  4. The following is prohibited:
    1. running bare-chested;
    2. crawling;
    3. running barefoot on any section of the run;
    4. wear a helmet while running;
    5. use of fixed structures to change direction;
    6. have a pacer;
    7. use of aids (e.g. Nordic walking poles);
    8. use of water bottles made of fragile material.
  5. Competitors are required to wear the race number provided by the Organiser on their front or race belt.
  6. For safety reasons, a refreshment point with sponges and water will be provided at the long distance route (7 km).
  7. Stewards will be stationed at critical points to guide runners.



  1. The cut-off of 3.5 hours applies.
  2. Competitors who miss the cut-off will not be allowed to continue the race and will not be classified.



  1. A water station will be located at the 7th km of the route.
  2. No private nutrition will be accepted at water stations.
  3. A refreshment station with beverages, fruit and snacks will be located at the FINISH zone.
  4. First aid stations will be located at the START-FINISH zone and will be staffed by paramedics.
  5. The Organiser will provide a first medical aid service along the course of the race and at the finish, during and immediately after the race.



  1. The right to participate in the race is not transferrable to other persons and may not be sold for money.
  2. Results will be published on the event’s website (http://xterrapoland.pl) and will be communicated immediately after the race.
  3. It is prohibited to offer race kits for the purposes of any competitions unless the Organiser gives its written consent.
  4. All necessary information is available under the relevant tabs on http://xterrapoland.pl.
  5. The Organiser may change the time and/or venue of the Competition. This information will be communicated to competitors on the event’s website and by e-mail not later than 24 hours before the start of the race. Such changes do not create any additional obligations of the Organiser towards competitors nor give rise to any claims of competitors against the Organiser.
  6. These Rules of Competition may be amended by the Organiser. Amendments to these Rules, if any, will take effect as soon as they are published on the website.




  • Consent form for the processing of personal data and use of image;
  • Consent form for race kit collection by third party
  • Consent form for participation of an underage competitor