Below we present a program from the competition in 2017. The current route may be slightly different in details – we will inform you about any changes, and the ultimate course of the routes will be posted for at least a month before the competition.

The swimming part of the route runs within the Zakrzówek quarry. One loop is 750 m. Short distance players overcome one loop, and long distance participants need to swim two loops.

The bicycle route mainly runs along forest paths and gravel roads – long distance bikers overcome two loops, each length approx. 18 km. Players that take the short distance overcome one 18 km loop.

rower profil

The cross-country trail leads through the picturesque areas of Zakrzówek – the route is mainly gravel, and forest paths – an uphill is about (up-down) 100 m, one loop of the route is about 4 km. Players that overcome the short distance run of about 1.5 loops and long distance participants run about 2.5 loops..

bieg profil